This could be the last attempt to solve Cyprus problem: Akinci

This could be the last round of Cyprus negotiations if efforts to achieve a solution fail this time, President Mustafa Akinci has said.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for Kyrenia American University’s (GAU) academic semester, President Akinci said Switzerland was a step before the end.

If we do not get results, it will be time for everybody to reflect in 2017 on the Cyprus problem. It may be the last attempt at reaching a federal solution,” he said.

The week in Switzerland is important, said Akinci, stressing that the aim was to create a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation based on the political equality of two constituent states.

Reminding that the current talks were the last attempt for his generation, President Akinci said “perhaps this could be the last attempt for a federal Cyprus because if these talks fail, we could be seeing the next generation seeking alternative solutions.”

The President also said that a rational pragmatic solution to the Cyprus problem will be beneficial to both communities in Cyprus, pointing out that it would also greatly boost ties between Greece and Turkey and Turkey with the EU.

Stating that a solution that did not meet the security concerns of the Turkish Cypriots would not be a real solution, Akinci called on the Greek Cypriot leadership to “evaluate wisely” the current opportunity presenting itself to solve the Cyprus Problem. He added:

“A no army, no guarantees, we don’t accept anything” approach will not result in a solution. A solution without security is not a solution. The Turkish Cypriot side is going to Switzerland with logical and realistic terms. They (the Greek Cypriot Side) must understand our concerns. If each side understands the concerns of the other side and as equals, freely and with security, as equal composite states we can open the road to the future and with active power sharing in the federal government we can create a scenario that will be beneficial to all.”


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