This Country Is Our Platform To March Today

North Cyprus News - This Country Is Ours Platform - MarchA march, organised by ‘This Country is Ours Platform’ will take place today beginning with a rally at İnönü Square at 14.30, Yeniduzen reported.

This morning, Platform representatives gave a press conference at the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union (KTÖS). 

Union leader Güven Bengihan said that time had been wasted in finding a solution to the Cyprus Issue. The Platform demands the preservation of the authentic Turkish Cypriot identity by ending the arbitrary handing out of citizenship in order to socially engineer the population. The want to create an economy independent of the mainland, no privatisation of public utilities, to adopt the Euro as currency and to unite the island under a bi-zonal, bi-communal Federal roof on the basis of political equality.

A joint text issued by the union and the Platform said the following:

“We are determined to continue a common struggle until a result is achieved, in line with the following principles and objectives, in order to protect our country, our will and our future, to prevent the permanent division of our homeland of Cyprus or its unification to another country, and to reunite our island on a federal basis.  

  1. To amend the citizenship law and to remove from the law the authority of the council of ministers to grant exceptional citizenship. To put an end to the distribution of citizenship aimed at eliminating the political will of the Turkish Cypriot Community.


  1. To end the imposition protocol order by creating a self-sufficient economy with a planned economy and fair tax regulations. 


  1. To oppose the privatisation of public institutions (KIB-TEK, Telecommunication, Ports, etc.) that are the property of the whole society, to ensure their development, modernization and autonomy with new investments. 


  1. In order to ensure the transition to the Euro as a currency in the northern part of Cyprus, which is an EU territory (even if the acquis is suspended), to initiate fruitful works with social determination by negotiating with all relevant parties, including the EU and Turkey, and to save both the economy and citizens from the inflationary effect of the TL.


  1. To oppose the population policies carried out in the northern part of Cyprus in order to preserve the authentic identity of the Turkish Cypriot Community and the social engineering efforts to transform the society. In this context, to stand against the reactionary policies imposed by interventions in education and in all areas of life. 


  1. To fight in every field against the policies of deadlock that will ensure the permanent division of our country Cyprus. To carry out an active struggle at home and abroad for the start of negotiations within the framework of the UN Parameters, without losing any more time, for the unification of our country under a bi-zonal, bi-communal Federal roof on the basis of political equality.

In this context, we invite every individual and organization who love their homeland to participate in the march we will organise on Saturday, November 13 at 14:30 and the “I Stand Up for My Homeland” rally in İnönü Square.


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