Thousands of dead fish wash up near Bafra

Thousands of fish, mullet in particular, are washing up on a beach near Bafra, and more were found floating at the edges of a small lake in Mehmetcik in the same region.

Reports say the lake water had turned reddish and suggest it was polluted, but local authorities denied this, although they admitted that that the water had not yet been tested. They said it was possibly due to reduction of oxygenation in the lake water. ‘Kibris Gazetesi’ said that residents in the area of the lake near to the beach were concerned.

The local mayor said the water had been tested and it was not the cause of the fish dying, he said. He was also critical of the press, such as Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ for reporting that the water was polluted. This was untrue, he said.

Cyprus Mail

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