Three Dead and Two Injured in Traffic Accident

More road deaths were added to the toll of fatal accidents in the country with a head-on collision between a car and a taxi cab at the Turunçlu-Ulukışla junction on Sunday. Three people were killed and two were seriously injured. The accident was caused by dangerous driving, police said.

One of the cars was carrying a family of four. The parents aged 40 and 42 were killed while their two children aged 13 and 18 were seriously injured. The third fatality is the driver of the second car, aged 30.

President of the Traffic Accident Prevention Association (TKÖD), Mehmet Avcı said that these accidents were predictable. He asked, “Where do people get the courage to drive very fast or dare to drive under the influence of alcohol? The state authority is failing in this regard.”

Our country is very forgiving about this issue. For example, if a driver who has been drinking is detected, he should be sentenced to at least one month imprisonment. There is no longer fear of police in the country. There are not enough police patrols.”

There is no political will to take radical decisions to prevent these accidents,” he said.

Kibris Postasi

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