Three Drunk Driving Accidents Last Night

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The police reported that three alcohol related traffic accidents occurred last night, Yeniduzen reports.

Two accidents took place in the same street in Kyrenia where one driver was under the influence of 421 mg/100ml of alcohol and the other had 428 mg/100ml.

In Karaoğlanoğlu Street in Kyrenia at around midnight last night, Aslı Arıbaş (26), under the influence of 421 milligrams of alcohol, lost control of her vehicle. She went off the road, struck the pavement and crashed into tables, chairs, and the storefront window of a cafe.

The driver, Aslı Arıbaş, and her passenger, Enise Atam (25), who were injured in the accident, were discharged from Dr. Akçiçek State Hospital in Kyrenia after receiving treatment. Ms. Arıbaş, was arrested.

In another accident caused by an intoxicated driver in the same street, Karaoğlanoğlu Street at 01:30, Simge Şirin (27), under the influence of 428 milligrams of alcohol, drove into the rear end of a vehicle. Two passengers in the vehicle which was struck, Yasemin Şenal (55) and Özlem Şenal (32), were injured but discharged from Dr. Akciçek State Hospital after treatment. 

The driver who caused the accident, Simge Şirin, was arrested.

Another accident involving an intoxicated driver occurred at the Haspolat roundabout on the Nicosia-Famagusta main road. Seyfi Beyazlat (27), under the influence of 90 milligrams of alcohol, lost control of his vehicle while heading west, colliding with the curb stones as a result of entering the roundabout carelessly. No injuries were reported in this accident.

[According to the President of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents (TKÖD) Dr. Mehmet Avcı, drunk driving and alcohol consumption has increased the number of traffic accidents. Ed]


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