Three Food Delivery Drivers Killed in Past Year

Thursday, 17 February, 2022.

North Cyprus News - Motorcyclist Killed on Tatlisu Kyrenia main road
[File Photo – September 21]
Three motorcyclists who work as food delivery drivers have died in the last year as a result of careless driving by other motorists using the road, a report by Yeniduzen said.

Relatives of delivery driver Ali Diyapoğlu, who died four days ago said : “For more than five years, he had been earning his living on motorcycles and was facing great dangers. He was saying that he felt intimidated now and that he would quit this job as soon as he got engaged. He said he didn’t want to die while earning a living“.

Motorcyclists who work in the food delivery sector say: “We see a lot of people talking on the phone and texting on the roads. Our people are too hasty and careless. A five second mistake ends our lives”.

Ali Diyapoğlu’s co-workers said: “People act very carelessly in traffic and only think of themselves. What we want from our people is to notice bikers and be more careful. As a result, if both the biker and other drivers are careful, the risk of an accident is minimised. We are earning our living“.


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