Three men linked to Coop Bank robbery arrested

Two men, suspected of being linked with the robbery of 3 million TL have been arrested by TRNC police, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Abzer Firat (32) and Bilay Cetereisi (22), both residents of Guneskoy are expected to appear in court today.

After the men were arrested was discovered that Bilay’s older brother, Mustafa Cetereisi (26), a police superintendent was also linked to the robbery and was arrested in Istanbul.

The search continues for a fourth suspect aged 41. Meanwhile police are still unable to trace the cash that was stolen.

On 24th July, a hired car containing 3 million TL being transported by the Cyprus Turkish Cooperative Central Bank was highjacked on the Nicosia-Guzelyurt highway by two masked men.

During the police interview they admitted having set fire to woods in Kalkanli earlier on the day of the robbery, in order to divert police attention.

Although the fire brigade managed to extinguish the fire, 200 pine trees were destroyed.

The masked men forced two bank staff out of the hired car and made off in their own vehicle. The robbers attempted to set fire to the two car before abandoning them at Bostanci.

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