Three Syrians Arrested at Famagusta Port

Three Syrian refugees were discovered on board a ferry which was carrying heavy goods vehicles from Turkey.

North Cyprus News - Syrian Refugee arrestedDuring routine security checks at Famagusta harbour, two refugees were arrested after they tried to leave the ferry, the third Syrian refugee was hiding in the HGV that had brought them from Turkey.
Officials found empty chocolate wrappers and bottles filled with urine left by the men on board the lorry.

The driver of the HGV was also arrested, although he denied any knowledge of their presence on board his vehicle.

Countless refugees have fallen prey to human traffickers who extort thousands of dollars from desperate people trying to escape the war in Syrian. It is their hope that they can either rejoin relatives who are in camps in South Cyprus, or travel onwards to Europe in the hopes of making a new life there.

The three refugees will be deported back to Turkey.

Kibris Postasi

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