Three TCs attacked in Makarios Avenue

Three Turkish Cypriots were attacked by Greek Cypriots in South Cyprus. Can Kürşat and his two friends who crossed to South Cyprus on Sunday were attacked by 100-150 Greek Cypriots. Kürşat and his friends in the car barely escaped with their lives.  Kürşat’s car was also damaged by the Greek Cypriot attackers.

The Greek Cypriots who were holding Greek and APOEL FC flags, attacked Kürşat’s car while they were waiting at the red light on Makarios Street, one of the busiest streets in Nicosia. No attempt was made by other Greek Cypriot onlookers to stop the attackers kicked Kürşat’s car.

Although the attack occurred while they were waiting at the red light in front of a Greek Cypriot police station, no intervention was made in order to prevent the attack. Kürşat and his friends Ali Şonya and Cenk Hasan made statements to ‘Haberal Kıbrıslı’ newspaper. They said, “We were attacked by 100-150 people. They opened the doors and tried to pull us out.  We barely escaped. The car’s bodywork was damaged because of the kicks. There were tens of people around but nobody did anything. If we had not been able to escape we would now be hospitalised.”

Although Kürşat and his friends complained to British police, they were told that “This is not our responsibility.”

Kürşat also complained to Lefkoşa Police Department right after he crossed to the TRNC, and added that he will complain to the Greek Cypriot police as well.

Kürşat said, “They should do the necessary to find the attackers. It happened in front of the police station. Such terrorist attacks are unacceptable in this period. Such crimes should not remain unpunished, because such attacks can increase as long as they remain unpunished.”

TRNC Public Information Office

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