Three Turkish warships docked at Famagusta Port

Three Turkish warships have anchored at Famagusta Port, apparently to protect the Turkish seismic survey vessel ‘Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha’ from attack, reports Turkish Cypriot news website ‘Kibris Manset’.

The ‘Barbaros’ is currently engaged in seismic explorations for oil and gas offshore Famagusta. According to a ‘Kibris Manset’ news report on 5th December, the frigate ‘Gokcetepe’, a P330 torpedo boat and fuel carrying vessel ‘Inebolu’ are docked at Famagusta Port.

‘Kibris Manset’ reports that there is a remarkable amount of activity at the port. A non-commissioned officer has reportedly said that they had been at the port for some time and when they leave, other ships will replace them. “Barbaros Hayreddin is in the Mediterranean now and we in the port are waiting for it to carry out explorations”, he added.

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