THY plane returns to Ercan with technical fault

A Turkish Airlines (THY) plane, which was scheduled to take off at 20:30 yesterday from Ercan Airport for an Ercan-Istanbul flight, had to return from the runway due to a technical failure.

The plane was kept in parking position on the apron after it returned from the runway due to a technical failure which was noticed during its preparations for take off.  Passengers on board were concerned, not knowing what was happening.

Despite the quick response of technical teams, there was a delay of more than 4 hours. The plane took off again at around 01:00 today.

Passengers expressed their frustration claiming that they could not get any information from the officials at Ercan Airport.

The passengers said, “At first, they took us on board at 21.00 instead of 20:30. Then, after routine checkups the plane began to taxi. But while it was preparing for take off on the runway, it aborted suddenly and returned to the apron.”

Approximately 15 minutes after the flight was aborted, they were told that the plane could not take off due to a technical failure, causing some consternation among the passengers.

Some passengers then cancelled their flights because of the hours of delay, but other decided to wait for the flight.

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