Time for Turkish Cypriots to decide their own future

A new road map for the Cyprus issue must be determined, National Unity Party (UBP) General Secretary Dursun Oğuz has said.

Speaking about the future of the TRNC and the hydrocarbons issue after a briefing by President Mustafa Akinci, Oğuz told BRT that:

If a new road map is to be determined this must be a national project, more realistic, exercisable and a road map that will be implemented by all political parties must emerge.” It was quite clear that all parties needed to produce new policies, he added.

We as the UBP will convene our authorised organs and, without making any concessions on our red lines, will develop a new stance”, said Oğuz.

Noting that the President Akinci had held briefings, the UBP general secretary said that what happens after the meetings is what matters.

A viable, sustainable decision that will take us further than we are today and if needed a shock decision and practices must come into force,” Oğuz said.

Pointing to the need to produce constructive and practicable politics together in cooperation with Turkey, Oğuz noted that the TRNC with all of its authorised organs is an entity and that the time had come for the Turkish Cypriots to determine their own future.

The TRNC needed to find new ways to integrate with the world, Oğuz said, emphasising that the embargoes enforced against the Turkish Cypriot people had to be removed.

Touching on the issue of hydrocarbon exploration, the UBP General Secretary said that because of Turkey’s guarantor rights over the island, it can clearly show the Greek Cypriots that they cannot do whatever they please on the island.

The hydrocarbon issue is a separate economic value therefore a separate platform must be established for this. International interests are fighting for the hydrocarbon beds in the Mediterranean. We need to solve this in a peaceful atmosphere. This issue can be kept separate to the Cyprus issue and a consensus can be reached on petrol and natural gas, a separate table can be formed. Guarantors and those who have rights over the economic assets can meet at the table and share the goods,,” said Oğuz.

Noting that Greek Cypriots have reacted harshly to statements made by Turkey on the natural gas issue, Oğuz said that instead of looking at this issue as if a new war might break out, he invited people to question whether or not the rights of the Turkish Cypriots are being sought.

We must protect our rights to the very end”, said Oğuz.


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