Time For a New Road Map: Cavusoglu

After the recent elections in the TRNC, a debate on the presidential elections has started, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said. He added that: “A presidential system in the TRNC is being discussed. It is a possibility. The important thing is the process of democracy. The important thing is the separation of powers. We have adopted the presidential system. We have already seen its benefits”, he claimed.

In an interview at Anadolu Agency Editors’ Desk in Ankara, Cavusoglu, commenting on the early general elections results in the TRNC, argued: “There was a democratic election, but the system was very complicated and this situation has destroyed party solidarity”.

Recalling that “after the election results no one came into power alone”, Cavusoglu argued that “it could be a two, three or four party coalition government and in case of stumbling blocks, they may go again to early elections”.

Stressing that “a government should be established as soon as possible in the TRNC”, Cavusoglu noted that “Turkey has always supported the TRNC”.

Cavusoglu further argued: “There is a benefit to establish a government as soon as possible for the Cyprus talks and for taking steps in Cyprus. Even though, the president carries out the negotiations”.

Cavusoglu stated that the issues, which determined the frame of the negotiations, which took place in Geneva and in Crans-Montana on July 2017 during the process of the Cyprus talks, were the joint declaration of February 2014 and the UN parameters.

He said that Turkey did not have any problem with these parameters, the TRNC started the negotiations by also accepting these parameters and Turkey supported them too. He further argued: “My observation is that the Greek Cypriot side will never approach a solution with these parameters, in other words, the Greek Cypriot side will never approach a solution based on the political equality or on any bi-zonality”.

Cavusoglu further asserted that the following is the reason that the Greek Cypriot side thinks that they are better as regards to the TRNC:

“We are better regarding the TRNC. For this reason they say ‘we are a state’ and why should we share this power with the Turks’. Besides, these thoughts for the Turks are clear. (…) there will be a rotating presidency, why should a Turk to be our president, even if it is a rotating system. Our economy is good, why should we share this economy with the Turks? We have these opportunities in our business, why should we give them to the Turks? This is the understanding. This is the mentality of the people, this is the understanding in the church and in the majority of the political parties. With such a situation, the Greek Cypriot side will never approach a solution with these parameters. Even, and as matter of fact from the last Geneva Conference, between January 2017 and July 2017, the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades started step back from the agreed issues and from the agreements between the two sides and the two leaders”.

Adding that Turkey is approaching the negotiations with all sincerity for a permanent solution, Cavusoglu added that the EU, the UN and Britain, as an observer country, had seen this.


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