TMT repeats that Turkey’s TRNC guarantees are permanent

According to Bayrak television (04.07.13), during a meeting with the representatives of retired combatants and veterans societies as part of the Gratitude Events, the Turkish ambassador to Nicosia, Halil Ibrahim Akca evaluated the latest developments on the Cyprus problem as well as the economy of the TRNC.

Akca stated that the essence of the struggle related to the Cyprus problem by the Turkish Cypriots was to exist on the island without becoming a minority.

He reminded everyone that Turkey was ready to extend all kinds of support in order to ensure the prosperity and welfare of the Turkish Cypriots.

Noting that the Cyprus talks process has gone through numerous phases over the years, Akca expressed full support to the talks despite the fact that the years of fruitless negotiations have left the Turkish Cypriots feeling exhausted. He nevertheless said that Turkey will do all it can for the prosperity and welfare of the Turkish Cypriots until a settlement is reached in Cyprus.

 “The happier and the more prosperous the Turkish Cypriots are, the more successful they will become in waging the national struggle”, he added.

Also speaking on behalf of the representatives, the president of the TMT Turkish Fighter’s Association Yilmaz Bora said that “the continuation of Turkey’s active and effective guarantee as well as the continuation of the  TRNC state are considered as red lines for the Turkish Cypriots and could never be abandoned.”

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