Too many pirate taxis: says union boss

United Cab Drivers Union head Kemal Gozay says that there are 850 licensed taxis in the TRNC but he estimates there are another 2000 operating unlicensed.

These unlicensed taxis are bad for his union members and the government because they are not paying fees to obtain their ‘T’ licence or tax on their earnings.

Mr Gozay points out there is no legislation that defines or punishes the pirate taxis, pointing out that there was a law up to 1975 but that when that law was repealed, it was not replaced with another one.

His union members are facing hard times because demand is down and there is a lot of competition from pirate taxis, hire cars, private cars and even hotel taxi services. Also KDV (VAT) rising from 5% to 16%.

He says that some draft legislation has been proposed, but that virtually all work has stopped until today’s elections for the leadership of the UBP are completed.

Ministers do not wish to commit themselves until they see who will be in charge.

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