Tour Company Withdraws Offer to Build Lapta Marina

Chairman of Anex Tour Group Neşet Koçkar, has said that the company has withdrawn its offer to construct a

North Cyprus News - Neset Kockar
Chairman of Anex Tour Group – Neşet Koçkar

marina and hotel in Lapta. 

He said that following the debacle after his visit to North Cyprus to inspect the site and meet officials, he said that there had been a lynching campaign launched against the tourism minister Ünal Üstel and other officiials who had only been trying to help revive the economy. 

So far, there have been two groups who visited North Cyprus and left without observing quarantine rules, much to the outrage of the public.

In his statement, Koçkar said, “We apologize to the people of TRNC because of these incidents happening unintentionally and without our hand”.

 The whole subject had deeply upset the entire company community, he said.


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