Tourism developments planned for Karpaz region

The Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu has announced the launch of short, medium and long term projects for the Karpaz region.

The TRNC Tourism minister visited that area yesterday where he met with local inhabitants. Also present at the meeting was Mayor of Dipkarpaz Suphi Çoşkun.

A statement released by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment said that discussions were held with local inhabitants focussing on finding urgent solutions to problems faced by people in the area and on possible projects for the future.

Noting that several infrastructure investments for developing tourism in the area had been completed, the statement said that priority will be given to find remedies for holiday bungalow establishments in the area which recently had their businesses shut down following court orders.

According to the statement, the tourism minister also announced that a loan and credit scheme for boarding houses and small establishments was near completion.

Mayor of Dipkarpaz village Suphi Çoşkun also asked the tourism minister for local building regulations to be amended.

Minister Ataoğlu replied that he was open to any change as long as it preserved the area’s historical, cultural and natural beauty.


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