Tourism push continues

Ambitious tourism expansion plans have been kickstarted by a Northern Europe Roadshow that is touring many of the European capitals. We previously reported on these plans and on the initial stages of this tour last week.

A number of representatives of the North Cyprus tourist industry are currently in London and participating in the World Travel Market exhibition at the Excel centre in London.

At the show, they announced that six major tour operators have signed an agreement with the Near East University Hospital. This will enable them to guarantee to tourists that they will have health care rivalling international standards during their stay in North Cyprus. It was felt that a certain section of potential tourists would be worried about health problems during their holiday and that this would guarantee them medical attention of the highest standard.

Tourism Minister, Unal Ustel, is at the exhibition as part of his efforts to promote North Cyprus tourism.

Yesterday he held a press conference where he was asked about the recent court judgement which ordered CTA and Atlas Jet to pay over £850,000 in compensation and fines for disrupting the travel of 669 people. He replied that the Government had not been officially notified of this decision but would in any case be providing solutions to the issue. He did not specify what these might be.

Mr Unsal was then asked about the possible termination of Atlas Jet flights from London. He said he would look into this as this was the first he had heard of the matter.

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