Tourist arrested for attempted rape

38 year old Cemal Ucar who had entered the TRNC on a tourist visa is charged with attempting to rape 50 year old woman

Allegedly, Ucar went to visit his old friend on the evening of May 12th. He started touching her and then beat her and forcibly took her to the bedroom. There he attempted to rape her.

Ucar was in Nicosia Court yesterday where he protested his innocence. He says that this is a conspiracy to frame him and that all he did was to visit the woman and have coffee with her.

Further details of the incident are emerging and it appears that Ucar and the woman have been friends for many years. He did visit her house and then attempted to rape her. She screamed out for help and a nearby gardener heard her. He managed to intervene as Ucar was attempting to rape her.  During the ensuing struggle, Ucar received a black eye from the gardener.

Ucar was ordered to be detained for 3 days while police continue their investigations.

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