Tourist is refused payment of bumper jackpot winnings

A Turkish woman, who won 4.5 million TL from a slot machine at the Noah’s Ark Hotel in Bafra, has been refused her winnings.

Gozde Safak Sezer, who arrived on holiday in North Cyprus from Turkey last month, hit the jackpot when she won the bumper amount of 4.5 million TL. But when she went to collect her winnings, the casino administrators initially told her that they were unable to pay her because they did not have the funds.

After she insisted on being paid, they reportedly changed their story and said it was a fault in the machine.

Sezer will now be taking legal action against the Noah’s Ark Hotel which houses the casino where she won. Her lawyer, Dogu Abidin, told reporters this week that it was vital that the casinos in the North were properly regulated by the relative authorities.

The incident is under investigation by the Casino Operators’ Association and the process is being followed closely by the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance’s undersecretary told Ms. Sezer’s lawyer that in the past, some casinos had lose their permits, and that claiming that a jackpot was the result of a technical error, cannot be accepted, he said.

Kibris Gazetesi

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