Trade between Turkey and TRNC will be in Lira Only

TRNC Economy and Energy Minister Özdil Nami attended a number of meetings in Ankara last week. He met first with the Turkish deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdag.

At the meeting, the deputy Prime Minister said that they had carried out various tasks within the framework of economic cooperation between the TRNC and Turkey. They aimed to accelerate their efforts throughout the year, he added.

Drawing attention to the need to embrace the Cyprus issue. Akdag said that they will work for the development, prosperity and comfort of the Turkish Cypriot people.

TRNC Minister for Economy and Energy Minister Özdil Nami said, “I am calling on all European countries and the world to establish bilateral relations with the TRNC.”

Later on in the day Minister Nami together with the Turkish Minister for Science, Industry and Technology attended the Standardisation and Conformity Assessment Protocol, which took place between the Economics and Energy Ministry and the Turkish Standards Institute.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Turkish Minister for Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü said that in the TRNC, together with Minister Nami they would establish an Industrial Area.

Minister Nami for his part said that they gave great importance to the protocol was very important and they were determined that this protocol would come into force.

Later on, Nami later met with his Turkish counterpart Nihat Zeybekçi.

Speaking during the visit Minister Zeybekçi said that they were making arrangements so that the use of the Turkish Lira becomes obligatory while trading between Turkey and the TRNC.

Minister Nami for his part reiterated his call for the inhumane and unjust embargoes imposed against the Republic of Northern Cyprus to be removed and noted that the Republic of Turkey is the only country that fully supports the TRNC in its struggle against embargoes.


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