Trade unions object to Turkey’s interference in July elections

According to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’, the trade unions of Turk-Sen, KTOEOS, Dau-Sen and Kamu-Sen, evaluating Turkey’s stance on the TRNC, all agreed that Turkey was interfering.

Tuluy Kalyoncu, deputy chairman of Turk-Sen, said that the difficulties that they experience on the issue of free political willpower are a result of the non-solution to the Cyprus problem, which has continued since 1974. He added this is the time for radical political and financial changes.

Kalyoncu said that all the indications show that the ruling government of Justice and Development Party (AKP) interferes in the early elections in favour of the National Unity Party (UBP). He also said that UBP is the only candidate party, which implements unconditionally the AKP’s  policies.

The general secretary of the Turkish Cypriot Primary Teachers’ Union (KTOEOS), Tahir Gokcebel, said that Turkey interferes in North Cyprus in every way; politically, financially as well as culturally.

Noting that the Turkish Cypriot community doesn’t deserve to be called “lazy”, “atheist” or “undependable”, Gokcebel said that they should stand on their own feet.

Mehmet Ozkardas, chairman of Kamu-Sen trade union, said that the political parties pave the way to interference byTurkey’s governments, adding that Turkey plays with some “deputies” as she wants.

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