Traffic Accidents and Violations Report: May 20-26

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Police traffic incidents reports that 15 individuals were injured in 67 traffic accidents that occurred last week, Kibris Postasi reports.

According to a police report, from May 20-26, there were 11 accidents resulting in injuries and 56 resulting in property damage.

The traffic accidents were attributed to several causes: 19 were due to speeding, 14 to careless driving, 12 to failure to stop at intersections, 13 to tailgating, and 9 to various other reasons. 

The total damage was estimated at 4 million 254,000 TL. The accidents were distributed as follows: 23 in Nicosia, 17 in Famagusta and Kyrenia, 7 in Güzelyurt, and 3 in Iskele.

Traffic Checks

During the traffic checks conducted by the police across the TRNC from May 20-26, 14,777 drivers were checked, and 3,123 drivers who committed violations were reported and faced legal action.

The breakdown of the violations is as follows:

Speeding (517), Speeding offences detected by mobile units (635), Dangerous driving (20), Careless driving (46), Driving without a registration (143), Driving without a licence (19), Driving under the influence of alcohol (81), Using a mobile phone while driving (1051), Driving without wearing a seatbelt (60), Failing to obey traffic signs and signals (82), Failing to comply with traffic lights (12), Driving without a vehicle inspection (61), Driving without insurance or with inadequate insurance (59), Using a vehicle for passenger transport without a ‘T’ licence (6), Using a vehicle for special goods transport without a ‘B’ licence (5), Carrying excessive or dangerous loads (1), Riding a motorcycle without a helmet (12), Failing to comply with lighting regulations or driving with insufficient lighting (5), and 943 other traffic violations. 

In total, 231 vehicles were removed from service and 9 drivers were arrested.

Kibris Postasi

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