Traffic Accidents Cost 1.4 Million TL in One Week

North Cyprus News - Traffic police

Monday, 10 October 2022

Police data shows that between 3-9 October, 57 traffic accidents occurred, 15 of which resulted in injury and 42 creating damage, Kibris Postasi reports.

The material cost of damage caused by the accidents amounted to 1.429,000 million Turkish Lira. Additionally, the data shows that 19 people were injured in that same time period.

The police checked 9,961 vehicles between the above-mentioned dates. Legal action was taken against 947 drivers.

Speeding and talking on a mobile phone while driving came top of the list of offences.

The statistics show that 235 drivers were speeding, 2 were driving dangerously, 2 driving without due care and attention, 115 drivers had no licence, 46 were driving under the influence of alcohol and 165 drivers were using a mobile phone while driving.

Further details show that 58 drivers were not wearing seat belts, 70 drivers were not obeying traffic signs and signs, and 2 drivers were not obeying traffic lights, while 35 drivers were driving vehicles which had no inspection certificate, 44 drivers were uninsured or driving with expired insurance.

Kibris Postasi

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