Traffic Problems Concern People The Most

A survey taken by ‘Target’ survey company shows that traffic is what worries most people in the TRNC. Following which is the economy, injustice, corruption and bribery, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports.

It should be noted that there was no question posed regarding the Cyprus problem.

Asked the question “what is the most important problem now?” 17.2% cited traffic, followed by 14.8% who were concerned about the economy and 11% were unhappy about ‘injustice. ‘

Poor road infrastructure, especially in rural areas and poor standards of driving are the causes of frequent traffic jams and accidents in the north.

The following table shows the response to problems: (percentage)

Traffic 17.2

Economy 14.8

Injustice 11

Corruption/ Bribery 10.9

Education 8.1

Drugs 6.5

Environment 5.4

Municipal services 4.1

Bureaucracy 4.1

Health 3.4

Gambling 2.3

Beside theses 2.1

Town planning 1.3

Prostitution 0.6

Violence to Women 0.5

Elsewhere, Havadis reports that 76% of the participants in another public opinion poll held by the Target Research Company using the method of face to face interviews with 617 persons in the TRNC, expressed their support for the transfer of electricity from Turkey via undersea cables, while 20% said they oppose such a development.

Moreover, 58.3 % of the participants in the survey said that they are in favour of the privatisation of the north’s electricity authority (KIB-TEK), while 35.1% opposed this privatisation.

Responding to another question, 60.7% noted that they disagree with the opening of new theological lyceum and only 32.% said that they are in favour of such development.


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