Tragic Death Caused by Blood Transfusion Error

North Cyprus News - Nicosia State Hospital

An investigation is underway after the tragic death of Ayla Dalgalan, who was receiving treatment for sickle cell anaemia at the Thalassaemia Centre at Nicosia State Hospital. Sadly, she passed away due to a fatal error during a blood transfusion, Yeniduzen reports.

It was discovered that Mrs. Dalgalan received incompatible blood during treatment.

Grieving the loss, Gülsen Mındıkoğlu, Mrs. Dalgalan’s daughter, expressed shock at the sudden turn of events. She revealed how their conversation about vacation plans abruptly shifted as her mother’s health deteriorated during treatment.

During a phone conversation while her mother was receiving treatment, complications arose during the second blood draw. Despite her mother’s complaints, the nurse dismissed her concerns, leading to further distress.

After being sent home, Mrs. Dalgalan’s health worsened rapidly. Rushed to the Emergency Department, it was discovered she had been given the wrong blood type, accelerating her decline.

Despite pleas for immediate action, delays in treatment persisted. Eventually admitted to the internal medicine unit, Mrs. Dalgalan began corticosteroid therapy.

Mındıkoğlu stressed the urgency of the situation, contrasting the advice of Turkish haematologists who advocated for a blood transfusion with the hospital’s dismissal of the need for one.

The family took matters into their own hands, transferring Mrs. Dalgalan to Near East University Hospital. Treatment commenced, but it was too late to prevent further complications.

Devastated by the loss, Mındıkoğlu emphasised her mother’s desire for accountability, stating, “Until recently, my mother led a normal life. She didn’t deserve this. Those responsible will be held accountable“.


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