Tragic Incident 14 Year-Old Boy Murders His Parents

North Cyprus News - Çınar Çobanoğlu - Bengü Çobanoğlu - and father İbrahim
(Bengü Çobanoğlu – Cinar-Cobanoglu – Ibrahim Çobanoğlu)

Three people have died from gunshot wounds at their home in Geçitkale. Çınar Çobanoğlu, 14 years old, his mother Bengü Çobanoğlu and father İbrahim Çobanoğlu were found dead at the home.

A neighbour stated: “It was past three in the morning, the doorbell was ringing violently, Eralp (the eldest son of the house) was saying ‘Uncle run, save me … Çınar shot at me, run and look he did something to himself’… He was saying ‘Take me into your house’.“… I did not understand anything until then. When I found him (Çınar), he was sitting on the bed and slumped over. He was covered in blood, we carried him to the ambulance”.

Çınar Çobanoğlu, 14, was taken to Dr Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital in Nicosia, where he died.

After the incident, his brother, Eralp Çobanoğlu, was interrogated. According to the information obtained, the 14-year-old boy used his father’s shotgun to kill his mother and father who were sleeping in the bedroom then attempted to take his own life. 

It was learned that the murders were committed with a licensed gun belonging to the father, Retired Petty Officer İbrahim Çobanoğlu. 

The house where the incident took place has been cordoned off by the police who are continuing their investigations.


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