Tragic Shooting in Gonyeli

Ahmet Sevketoglu, a father of three, yesterday shot his wife and then himself.

48 year old Ahmet Sevketoglu had been separated from his wife Askin Sevketoglu for 4 years. Yesterday morning, he went to her house and having shot her dead then used the revolver to commit suicide in front of shocked relatives. Mr Sevketoglu was extremely upset with the court divorce proceedings and was having bitter disputes with his wife.

The prior evening, Mr Sevketoglu went onto his Facebook page to ask “What should a father do with someone who has scattered his family”? His friends replied telling him to be patient or forget it. However he ignored this advice and at around 11am yesterday morning and went to see his wife. After an argument he shot his wife in the head and then himself. His wife’s parents were there to witness this shocking event.

Three children are left behind, aged 8, 17 and 21.

The eldest son, Guner left a message on Facebook yesterday asking how his father could have done this, how would he live without his parents and wishing that they both rest in peace.

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