Transport Minister Predicts Direct Charter Flights to Ercan

North Cyprus News - Ercan - new terminal
New Terminal Building Ercan Airport

Transport and Public Works Minister Tolga Atakan said they are trying to speed up work that could be done under the election bans and added that he was informed, at the latest meeting, that the new terminal building at Ercan Airport will be completed in the Autumn.

Speaking in a televised broadcast, Atakan said the government is determined to take all steps if the project is not completed by 2020.

Referring to direct flights to the UK, Atakan said it was a lengthy process and added that direct flights were the issue he had focused on during his two-year presence at the ministry. He said it was a matter that was not completely under their control and noted that they had had serious consultations and meetings in the past that were ongoing.

It is on the agenda to visit each other on this issue in the Spring months. It is not impossible or difficult”, he added, adding that some “cornerstones” must be put right and that in the recent past some steps had been taken to dispel the questions that might arise along the way.

North Cyprus News - Tolga Atakan
Transport and Public Works Minister – Tolga Atakan

Minister Atakan also said that there are projects in place for both the existing terminal and the new terminal under construction at Ercan Airport. They are working on two alternatives that will alleviate the difficulties encountered by British citizens [having to touch down in Turkey to go through security again and then re-boarding the plane.]

He noted that he did not consider it appropriate to disclose these options before they were completed and added:

We are in the process of linking flights to London via two different airports. When these are done, we will share them with the public.

There is a strong likelihood that direct flights will be implemented after the launch of the new Ercan Airport in the context of charter flights, even if they are not scheduled”.


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