Trial of Murdered Teenage Girl Continues

Zehie Helin Reessur
[Zehie Helin Reessur]
The murder trial of Sefer Buğra Altundağ, who fled to southern Cyprus after brutally killing 16-year-old Zehie Helin Reessur in Iskele on January 25, 2023 but was captured shortly afterward, is ongoing, Yeniduzen reports.

On Friday, the defendant appeared again before the Iskele District Court, where Forensic Medicine expert Dr. İdris Deniz testified. The court adjourned the hearing until May 21 at 11.30am.

Families were not allowed into the courtroom due to a previous altercation between them. Dr. İdris Deniz presented the autopsy report, the document which outlines the causes of death, and blood and swab samples as evidence. The court first listened to Deniz’s autopsy report and then requested him to interpret the crime scene photos which are harrowing.

Dr. Deniz described the autopsy findings on Zehie Helin Reessur, highlighting lesions on the head, arms, and hands. He noted significant blood discharges from the nose and left ear during the autopsy, with six lacerations identified on the scalp. Five of these lacerations were deep enough to reach the bone tissue, while one was under the skin. According to Deniz, the bruises on the arms and hands suggested that the victim had been restrained.

Deniz also reported that the external examination revealed defence wounds, while internal findings showed haemorrhage and oedema. He observed bleeding on the skull and brain surface, as well as intense bleeding in the neck area and oesophagus.

Sefer Buğra Altundağ
[Sefer Buğra Altundağ]
Dr. Deniz informed the court that a skull fracture and brain haemorrhage resulting from head trauma posed a fatal risk if not treated, and the injuries to the neck area were immediately lethal.

Dr. İdris Deniz described three distinct types of injuries: those to the head, neck, and both arms and hands, each evaluated separately.

The prosecution asked the Forensic Medicine expert, “If the defendant had ceased his actions after these injuries and sought medical help, what would the chances have been?” Deniz explained that while brain haemorrhage and skull fractures are life-threatening, they would not necessarily have been fatal if the victim had received medical treatment.

Deniz stated, “I’m referring to an injury with a chance of survival if medical assistance had been provided. Not everyone who suffers a brain haemorrhage dies”.

Zehie Helin Reessur was murdered between 01.55 and 02.12 am on January 25, 2023, in the Long Beach area. Her body was found at a construction site, in a condition which indicated that she had been murdered. The police quickly identified Sefer Buğra Altundağ as the suspect. Investigations revealed that Altundağ had struck Reessur on the head with a pickaxe during an argument in a vehicle. He then took her to a construction site 100 metres away and killed her. The suspect fled to southern Cyprus and was later extradited.


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