TRNC Also Has a Say in Restarting Negotiations

If a change in Cyprus is in question, it should not only be read as a decision to be taken by Turkey, but also as the wish of the Turkish Cypriots, TRNC Foreign Minister and Deputy PM Kudret Ozersay has said.

Ozersay told Havadis TV that the will of the TRNC is also a decisive factor in addition to the will of Turkey. He argued that the situation will be determined by international relations, adding that there could be some changes and that these changes could be discussed.

He said that the situation had altered and that after the failure of the last Cyprus negotiations, the UN Secretary-General had opened a window [for the Cyprus problem]. The UNSG told both sides to “go and think about what you want and decide in which direction you will go from now on”, said Ozersay, adding that this window is still open and the process is still continuing. He went on and said:

North-Cyprus-News-Antonio-Guterres-UNSGThrough a representative or perhaps an adviser who will be appointed, the UN will seek an answer to the question of ‘what we will do in Cyprus from now on’. Different sides will give different answers to this question and the answer to be given by Turkey and North Cyprus will be very important in this sense, because the UNSG said, at the same time, that he could launch a new process in case the sides reach a consensus. If there is no consensus between the sides, it is possible that no new negotiations will be launched”.

Referring to the return of the Maronites to their former villages in North Cyprus, Ozersay said that there is no change of policy regarding this opening which the TRNC and Turkey are considering. He added that in practice, there are some elements which need time. He argued that this project is not something which could yield immediate results, adding that it should be implemented from the easiest point and materialise gradually.

Referring to the issue of TRNC citizenship, Ozersay said that the system is wrong and open to exploitation. He said that the citizenship law should change and that the government is working on this issue. The foreign minister argued that there are people who have lived in North Cyprus for many years and have raised their children there, but could not obtain citizenship. These elements should also be taken into consideration, he concluded.


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