TRNC and Turkey have most need of a solution: says Talat

Ex-President Mehmet Ali Talat appeared again on television evaluating several issues including the Cyprus problem.

Referring to the Cyprus problem, Talat stated that the problem is permanent poison which is damaging Turkey’s ties with the international community.

Referring to President Eroglu’s latest statement that the non-agreement is also an agreement, Talat said that with this approach, the negotiations may possibly be blundered.

As regards President Anastasiades’ election, Talat said that he knows Anastasiades will put forward confidence building measures, but did not know what these would be.

Replying to another question, Talat thought that it was Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side which had most need of a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Evaluating the rumors that the TRNC Foreign minister will be appointed as negotiator in the discussions on the Cyprus problem, Talat said that this issue came up because of two reasons; because Anastasiades has stated that he will appoint another person to be the negotiator and second because of the dispute over the UBP congress and the opportunity for revenge against Eroglu.

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