TRNC Assembly delegation goes to Strasbourg

A delegation from the TRNC Assembly is holding a series of contacts in Strasbourg this week.

Evaluating their contacts to BRT, The Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-BG) member for Guzelyurt Armagan Candan said, inter alia, that the delegation is holding contacts on the Cyprus issue, the halloumi/hellim issue and the Direct Trade Regulation.

Outlining that they had held bilateral meetings with various political groups, Candan said that they are also due to have a dinner meeting with European Parliament President Martin Schulz, cabinet members and EU parliamentary advisers.

Touching upon the importance of carrying out contacts at such social engagements, he said that the European Parliament has attached great importance to the Cyprus problem recently.

Noting that there are expectations in Europe that the Cyprus negotiations will resume soon, Candan said that they had demanded that European officials call on the Greek Cypriot Administration to return to the negotiating table.

Source Bayrak TV

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