TRNC Attends World Health and Sports Tourism Congress

The TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment is attending the Hestourex World Health, Sport Tourism Congress and Exhibition. The exhibition is being held in Antalya, Turkey between 5-8 April.

Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, North Cyprus Hoteliers Association (KITOB), Cyprus Turkish Tourism and Travel Agencies Association(KITSAB), Health Tourism Council, the Self-employed Physicians Union, the Air Sports Federation and a number of other sporting federations, are attending the fair.

The event began yesterday under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey at the ANFAŞ Fair Centre, and continues until Sunday, 8 April.

In his statement on the Congress and Exhibition, Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu said that developing health, sport and alternative forms of tourism could make tourism a year-round business in the TRNC. During this fair he also indicated that for the first time, the TRNC stand will have two separate tourism presentations throughout the day to promote tourism products from the TRNC.

TRNC Public Information Office

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