TRNC authorities seize Turkish fishing vessel

A Turkish registered fishing boat, the ‘Idris Ogullari 1’ was seized by the TRNC authorities for entering the TRNC’s territorial waters, offshore Karpaz.

The boat was carrying 3,600 kg tuna fish which are selling for 6,000 TL. Continuous fishing over a number of years, using the purse seine method of fishing, has seriously depleted fishing stocks, impacting on the livelihood of local fishermen in North Cyprus.

Twelve crew members appeared in court on Monday.

Meanwhile today, Kibris Postasi reports that photos taken from a helicopter show a large tuna hunt in operation within 12 miles of TRNC territorial waters.  The image clearly shows that the fishermen are disregarding the law and ignoring any warnings and legal regulations.

Kibris, Kibris Postasi

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