TRNC could benefit from the Russian embargoes

A Turkish Cypriot columnist has suggested that the mutual embargoes in place between the USA, the EU and Russia could benefit the TRNC.

Akay Cemal, writing in ‘Kibris Postasi’ says that Russia will need to buy products from other non-EU countries, Turkey not being a member of the EU being an example. He goes on to say:

“The TRNC, which has been under merciless, inhuman, outdated and unjust embargoes, could also take its share from this situation. For example with Turkey’s initiative Russian tourists may flow into North Cyprus. In parallel to this, a part of Russia’s needs in agricultural products and fruits and other requirements may be met by the TRNC.

What should be done is to secure coordination among the ministries concerned –  mainly the ministry of economy, consult on these issues with officials from the Turkish Embassy and take the necessary steps accordingly without any further delay”.

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