TRNC: Blackout Countdown Continues

A report last week warned about the threat of total blackout in the TRNC and that Teknecik was rapidly running out of fuel oil to run its power generating plant. EL-SEN union head, Caglayan Cesurer, disclosed that KIB-TEK did not have funds to buy in new supplies, accusing the Ministry of Finance of being the culprit behind this situation and saying that it owed KIB-TEK TL 143 million in unpaid bills.

Today Mr Cesurer gave a press statement with an information update.

He said that there had been no new purchases of fuel oil. Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance had paid TL 2.8 million but that this was insufficient to buy new supplies of fuel oil. Mr Cesurer again pointed out that Teknecik had at the most, two weeks’ worth of fuel oil left. He also disclosed that it takes at least six days for supplies to arrive in the TRNC after they have been ordered. He emphasized that action must be taken immediately to avoid a TRNC wide blackout.

Finance Minister Ersin Tatar replied that he had arranged for a TL 20 million loan from Turk Bank, which would be guaranteed by himself as Finance Minister. He said that these funds would be used to buy the required fuel oil. He also said that his Ministry was paying all bills and felt that discrepancies on amounts owed could be due to the use of differing interest and exchange rates.

Mr Tatar added that he was doing everything in his power to help KIB-TEK out of its difficulties.

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