TRNC can afford to pay for Teknecik filters

TRNC Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hakan Dinçyürek has said that the Teknecik power plant needed a filter system and that Turkish Cypriots did not deserve to breath polluted air from the chimneys, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

According to the Minister, the AKSA power plant at Kalecik, where a new filtering system has been recently installed, was inspected by group of experts from Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Ministry who concluded that AKSA’s system was in accordance with international standards.

Noting that the filters should work for both nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide, Dinçyürek said that AKSA’s system was working in a way that filters both wastes.

As regards the Teknecik power plant, Dinçyürek said: “The cost of installing filters at Teknecik is 11 million TL . The money spent on fuel for Teknecik amounted to 19 million TL after the latest decrease in oil prices. This means a month of savings could easily solve the filter problem in Teknecik”.

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