TRNC cannot be recognised according to international law

General Secretary of the Socialist Democratic Party (TDP) Asim Idris has highlighted the importance of carrying on with settlement-oriented politics in the country.

Idris emphasised that it is not possible for the TRNC to be recognised internationally.

Speaking about the Cyprus negotiations process to BRT, he said the following: “I believe that the Turkish Cypriots should not abandon policies and politics based or focused on reaching a settlement in Cyprus. Achieving a settlement in Cyprus has been the TDP’s goal for years and it is out of the question for us to think differently at a time when the president who comes from this political tradition is in office”.

Idris also said that he did not see any possibility for the TRNC to be recognised during this period. “We had all desired that the outcome of this process would be different. However, once the process collapsed, the political parties, particularly the ruling parties, have been arguing that there is no point in continuing the negotiations and voicing different plans all of which envisage seeking international recognition of the TRNC. It is highly unlikely within international law for these plans to realise or come to life”, he added.

Idris stated further that efforts for a settlement whether it be a comprehensive one or on the basis of a piece by piece model, should continue. “The parameters of a settlement which is a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal partnership on the basis of political equality will obviously not change. But the balance at the negotiating table should change. That means that we cannot have one side which enjoys international recognition and the benefits of being a state whilst the Turkish Cypriots who are subjected to international isolation no matter what they do. We have seen this to be a problem. The balance needs to be changed”, Idris said.

He also pointed out that it was important for the UN to clarify which side is responsible for the collapse of the talks and for the promise made to the Turkish Cypriots, since the 2004 Annan Plan to be honoured.


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