TRNC Casinos Investigated for Money Laundering

The Turkish Board of Investigation into Financial Crimes has launched an investigation into money laundering activities in 13 casinos of the TRNC.

According to Ankara Anatolia news agency, the Turkish Board of Investigation on Financial Crimes (MASAK) launched an investigation into the laundering of 5 billion dollars in 13 casinos in the TRNC and into 20 companies owned by the casinos.

Prosecutors in Gaziantep, Turkey ordered the confiscation of 100 million dollars linked to the suspects, after an earlier investigation by MASAK uncovered that the casinos in the TRNC were involved in the transfer of large amounts of foreign currency. The transfers were made through the accounts of seven casino managers and the accounts of staff at 20 companies owned by the casinos. The Turkish police are now investigating money trafficking of more than 5 billion dollars between the seized accounts and the suspects.

Reporting on the same issue, Kibris writes that the suspects had multiple accounts in seven banks based in Turkey, including Bank Asya. The TRNC authorities told Kibris that no documents or information was asked of them by any authority in Turkey. They also said that they only learned about the issue from reports in the press.

Turkish daily Sabah reported that Bank Asya is a lender closed by the authorities due to its links to the Gulenist Terror Group FETO.

Reporting on the same issue, Yeni Duzen writes that Serdar Denktas, Minister of Finance said that the court in Gaziantep had taken a decision but the TRNC has not been officially informed yet on the issue. They expect to receive detailed information soon, he added. The paper further reports that the TRNC Police Bureau of Investigation on Financial Crimes has said that no investigation into money laundering is taking place in North Cyprus.

Havadis, Kibris, Yeni Duzen

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