TRNC celebrated its 30th anniversary

The TRNC celebrated its 30th year of independence on Friday with a dazzling display by ‘Soloturk’ of Turkish Stars fame. Anchored off the harbour a frigate lay to, closely buzzed by ‘Soloturk’.

Nicosia held parades and in a speech on Thursday, President Eroglu, addressing the nation, said that not a single Turkish Cypriot would accept Greek Cypriot sovereign rule, nor would they abandon their wish for a bi-zonal, politically equal state which includes Turkey’s continuing support and guarantees. He added that the Turkish Cypriots would never bow to those who wanted to divest them of statehood because there are difficulties. He also called, once more, upon Greek Cypriot President Anastasiades to come to the negotiating table.

The celebration of the TRNC’s 30th year of independence was particularly significant, since Turkish Cypriots have had to survive as a state, thus far, unrecognised internationally, bar the continuing recognition and support of Turkey and follows in the wake of stalled peace negotiations.


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