TRNC citizens reject constitutional reforms by 62%

The TRNC local elections were won by the ruling Republican Turkish Party (CTP), according to unofficial results announced by the Supreme Electoral Council, Turkish daily ‘World Bulletin’ reports.

The Republican Turkish Party won in 14 of 28 municipalities, with more than two-thirds of the electorate voting, according to Supreme Electoral Council President Nevvar Nola.

Independent candidates took seven municipalities, with five won by the National Unity Party and one each by the Democratic Party and Communal Democracy Party.

The TRNC also held a referendum on constitutional reforms on Sunday.

Turkish Cypriots rejected the constitutional amendments’ package, with 62% voting against new rules on issues including children’s rights, immunity of mayors and freedom of communication.

Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu said he was disappointed by the rejection of the constitutional change as the parliament and President Dervis Eroglu had approved it earlier.

“Parties which approved the amendments did not do anything to convince people to say yes,” said Yorgancioglu. “People were confused and this had a negative impact.”

This would have been the first change to the constitution if the reform was approved.

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