TRNC closed to oil storage plants: Sibel Siber

PM Sibel Siber has said that the recent oil spill at Kalecik again demonstrates why there will be no oil storage plants or similar projects on the TRNC coastline.

Speaking before the meeting of the Council of Ministers today, the PM said that it would not be an easy task to clean up the oil spill at Kalecik.

She said that this was the second incident at Kalecik in the last three months and that it could not be allowed to happen again. Procedures would need to be changed and there should be very high financial penalties imposed.

Mrs Siber said that the police had been tasked with examining if there had been any negligence in the latest incident and that the supply ship had been detained at harbour for examination.

Currently 40 staff are working with 4 vacuum trucks to clear up the spilt oil. However larger barriers are required to avoid further oil dispersion in the sea and these had not yet arrived from Turkey.

The PM then went on to highlight the decisions her ministers are working on.

She said that in future, citizens would be able to access information on their social security and pension position via the internet.

In addition, the Ministry for Labour and Social Security was working on a project to provide special buses for disabled children. This would allow them to obtain work.



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