TRNC Coasts and Waters Are Safe

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Saturday, that they were closely monitoring the recent tension and related developments in Syria and its surrounding regions and that TRNC territorial waters and their coasts were not facing any danger.

In the statement made by the Ministry, “We condemn all kinds of attacks against civilians, especially chemical weapons, which will harm in the TRNC, and we think that punishment of those responsible is important in terms of preventing the repetition of such incidents.

The statement continued as follows:

“In this context, we hope that missile attacks against specific targets in Syria in the morning [Saturday 14 April] will be completed without any new regional tensions and armed conflicts.

“As of yesterday, we have dealt with the developments in the region around the island of Cyprus and our region in general, especially from the perspective of security, on the one hand by the Commander of the Security Forces, on the other hand by the Commander of the Peace Forces.

“We and the Republic of Turkey are in cooperation, closely following the developments in the region. TRNC territorial waters and coasts are not exposed to any security threats”, the statement concluded.

Star Kibris

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