TRNC delegation visits Ankara for water negotiations

The issue of water management in North Cyprus was discussed in Ankara on Monday. Four TRNC ministers Finance minister, Birikim Ozgur, Minister for Economy, Industry and Trade, Sunat Atun, agriculture, natural resources and food minister, Erkut Sahali and transportation, environment and culture minister, Kutlu Evren were part of the delegation which brought the Turkish Cypriot proposals on the issue of managing water piped undersea from Turkey. In case the delegations reach a consensus, an agreement will be signed, Kibris Gazetesi reports.

In statements prior to their departure to Ankara, Ozgur said that they will give the final shape to a model which is in harmony with the law and could make use of the efficiency of the private sector and the power of the public sector together. He noted that the project has come to its final stage and that the consultations with Turkey continue as regards the details of the “public-private partnership” model for the distribution of the water. Noting that they have created a model in which the risks that their municipalities could face will be eliminated, Ozgur argued that Turkey wants this model to function well.

Ozgur described the project as the “biggest project in the history of the Turkish Cypriots” and declared that within a few weeks, the water will start flowing from the fountains.

Kibris Gazetesi

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