TRNC Determined to Attract Investors Despite Embargoes

“The unjust isolations imposed on the TRNC should not be an excuse or obstacle in the way of economic development. Economic and social development was possible through a strong democracy, the rule of law, effective public administration and the application of free market rules”, Minister of Economy Ozdil Nami has said.

Nami was addressing the 3rd International Banking and Finance Perspectives Conference organised by the Eastern Mediterranean university’s faculty of business and economics. The minister said that “they are determined to transform North Cyprus into an attractive centre for local and foreign investors”.

Also touching upon the issue of hydrocarbons, Nami said: “To this day we have argued in favour of common sense and logic. We can establish cooperation under all conditions. To have one community use the island’s natural resources as leverage against the other community is unacceptable. We shall continue to offer our proposals for cooperation to the Greek Cypriot Administration at every opportunity we get. I only hope that third parties will help us.”

Referring to the Cyprus negotiations, Nami said that a result oriented process was necessary.

“The Greek Cypriot leader should not want an open-ended process. Neither the two communities nor the UN have the luxury of wasting time and resources. We should have a process with an end date, a date set for a referendum. We need to plan such a process”, he said.


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