TRNC economy needs boosting: Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has given an instruction for strengthening and stimulating the TRNC economy.

We do not know how accurate this information is, but it is understood that we will enter into a period of arranging the inside of our home after the failure of the [Cyprus] solution process which has become seriously difficult”, Gokhan Altiner writes in ‘Kibris Postasi’.

Altiner recalls statements made by President Mustafa Akinci, who has been saying recently that “we should arrange the inside of our house and we should be strengthened economically” and notes that this “is in harmony with Erdogan’s instruction”.

He further reports that the financial protocol signed between Turkey and the TRNC has not been implemented and this is why the supply of money from Turkey has almost stopped. According to Altiner, the TRNC’s economy would founder without Turkey’s support.

Since the failure of the Cyprus talks in Crans-Montana, Altiner argues that more support than ever exists for the TRNC and that every one out of two of Akinci’s statements “is moulded on the existence and the continuation of the TRNC”. This, he asserts, derives from Akinci’s anger towards President Anastasiades and the Greek Cypriots.

Kibris Postasi

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