TRNC expects electricity from Turkey in 2015

TRNC Energy Ministry under-secretary Hasan Kestigul, has told Turkish newspaper ‘Yeni Safak’, that preparations are under way to transfer electricity from Turkey to North Cyprus, ‘Halkin Sesi’ reports.

He added that only Turkey could solve Cyprus’ electricity problems and that electricity from Turkey would reach North Cyprus in the first half of 2015.

Kestigul pointed out that energy is one of the biggest problems on the island which consumes around 1.5 million kWs of energy every year. The cheapest way of getting electricity is from Turkey via cables, he said.

He went on to say that: “With the transferring of electricity to the TRNC, the hand of the politicians in Cyprus will be stronger. Frequently, I carry out unofficial contacts with our neighbours in the south. They said that if the electricity should come, they would like to get electricity and be included in the system“, said Kestigul, adding that the Greek Cypriots are in favour of the transfer of electricity from Turkey.

Stating that certain protocols have been signed between Turkey and the TRNC on the transfer of electricity, Kestigul expressed hopes that these protocols will come into force as soon as possible.


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