TRNC football team turned back by British Base Police

This morning the Tatlisu football team travelled for a scheduled football match against the Pile Turkish team. However they were stopped at the customs checkpoint of the Beyarmudu border gate by the British base police. The teams’ papers were examined and it was determined that a number of the players were originally from Turkey, even though they now have TRNC citizenship.

The police refused passage for those footballers and the rest of the team then decided not to carry on without their team mates. The match was consequently cancelled. The incident has drawn the attention of the Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk as well as the Foreign Minister.

The mayors of both Tatlisu and Bayarmudu came out with statements essentially blaming the British police for the incident. They said that this was the first time that such an incident had occurred and that previously there had been a gentleman’s agreement that allowed all these players to pass.





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