TRNC Foreign Minister casts doubts on a Cyprus settlement

The establishment of a federation in Cyprus is impossible from a technical point of view, Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu has said.

Addressing the TRNC Assembly, he said that he is among the supporters of the TRNC to the end. Ertugruloglu argued that the continuation of the existence of the TRNC is not an obstacle to a possible agreement with the Greek Cypriots.

He further stated that he supports the equal sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriots, adding that:

If there will be a solution, let it be, I argue that there will not be one in the end, but it may happen. I am not saying this absolutely, but if they impose a solution on the island, let them impose it. If they want to turn the only island which exists in peace into a battle zone, let them impose it. I am just expressing our sensitivities and what we do and do not believe. The important thing is what we are going to do in case of a non-solution. This is valid in every country. We should try to create a consensus. What do you predict on the day when there is no solution? Will the process continue in the same way? Is this serving the Turkish Cypriot people or the opening of a new page on the Cyprus problem?” Ertugruloglu wondered.

Ertugruloglu also claimed that the Cyprus negotiations do not look rosy and stated that although the Greek Cypriot side is presented as an “angel without wings”, in fact, it disregards the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people and does not want a solution.

He went on to say that although he is personally accused of being “fascist and a person who opposes the solution” because of his latest statement that “the annexation with Turkey is an alternative”, Ertugruloglu said that he will continue talking about the realities and recalled the statement made by President Akinci recently that “either there will be a solution or the Greek Cypriots will find Turkey as a neighbour”.


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